the football is finished

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The past month or so has made for an exciting albeit sleep deprived time at my house. The football world cup has just been played out on television screens across the world and families across the world have soaked up the wonderful atmosphere that Brazil has had to offer.  It hasn’t just been hours of entertainment, it has almost become a religion for us.

It started with the Socceroo games, against Chile, The Netherlands and finally Spain.  The lounge room had a semi-permanent green and gold shrine that the boys would set up before each game.  This consisted of the Aussie flag, beanies, scarfs and an assortment of yellow and green objects in all shapes and sizes.  Alarms rang in the middle of the night, and I would drag myself to the lounge room just in time to see my bleary eyed boys, hand over heart, proudly belting out our national anthem.

We drank hot cocoa and shouted at the television as decisions were made and goals were saved and scored.  Sadly, the Socceroos did not progress to the next stage, but this did not put a damper on the excitement.  We watched as countries battled it out, some being eliminated and others progressing on….semi finals………. and then this morning, the final game between the cool and confident Germans and the hot blooded Argentineans.

Germany are the winners this time…….and as for us, finally our lives will get back to normal and some of those lost hours of precious sleep will be returned….or maybe not….the tour de France has 2 weeks to go…….with Aussie Ritchie Porte a real contender to stand on the podium and there are whispers of the Glasgow Commonwealth games beginning in eight sleeps……….yawn, its an early night for me.

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