uluru and kata tjuta

I recently spent a few days in the Australian outback with my family.  A quick trip to the red centre to see Uluru and 36 heads of the majestic Kata Tjuta.  Iconic Uluru at dawn …

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Everything has a beginning and an end…….that is just so true.  Nothing lasts forever, not an animal, not a plant,  not fame or fortune,  not a thought or a feeling……nothing is permanent. I’ve been toying …

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happy new year………….

My beautiful friend Vanna has written the most inspiring new year post on her blog Tea and contemplation.  She has made a commitment to throw out or give away one thing each day.   So I …

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Fourteen little words

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that mean the most. It’s the smile from the stranger sitting opposite you in the dentists waiting room.  Or the taxi driver that lets you merge into his traffic …

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