chocolate coated strawberries

My next door neighbour is a fabulous cook.  There are so many evenings, when the most delicious aromas waft over our fence, and we can’t help  wondering what tasty dishes she is preparing for her …

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caramalized figs

Valentines day wasn’t a big deal in our place this year…..the boys were out at Trop Fest, an outdoor short film festival and having the house to ourselves,  we decided to just relax, bbq some …

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Rhubarb and Apple Crumble

Now I have always thought of rhubarb as an old worldly vegetable, something to avoid, that stands side by side with caster oil.  Something  awful that orphans were forced to eat while they sat at …

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hot cross buns and matzo

An Easter tradition at our house is to gather around the outside table for a brunch of home baked hot cross buns, freshly brewed coffee and glasses of ice cold milk.  It’s a decadent and …

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