Blueberry muffins

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It’s a really cold and wet Sunday morning, and nobody wants to get out of bed.  There’s talk of freshly brewed coffee and pastries at one of the local cafes.  But its cold and the rain is really heavy and  as I said, nobody at my house wants to get out of bed.  Then I’m reminded by the hubby that I have been throwing around thick and fast threats about baking a batch of blueberry muffins.  I concede……… the impulse to bake some blueberry muffins has been brewing inside.

I remember reading a post about muffins on Eating muffins for breakfast is like eating cake for breakfast.  And what better way to start our sunday than with cake…..albeit  disguised as a healthy muffin.
The recipe I use is a combination of a Donna Hay muffin recipe and the one from brown eyed baker.  It could be passed off as healthy because it has yoghurt for moisture and its packed with vitamin laden, blueberries….the perfect antioxidant fix.

piping hot….moist and fluffy

2 cups plain flour sifted
1 tablespoon baking powder
pinch of salt
1 egg
1 cup suar
60g melted butter (slightly cooled)
3/4 cup plain yoghurt
1/2 cup milk
1 1/2 cups blueberries (I use frozen)


1.  Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius and line a 12 hold muffin tin with paper liners
2.  Whisk flour, baking powder and salt until combined
3.   In another bowl whisk egg and sugar until thick, add melted butter in 2 batches whisking to combine after each addition
4.  Mix yoghurt and milk and add to egg mixture in 2 batches, stir till just combined.  Do not over mix.
5.  Add blueberries to dry ingredients and toss gently, then add the yoghurt mix and fold in until it comes together and the berries are distributed.  The batter is quite thick. Make sure not to over mix.
6. spoon batter into liners and bake for 30 mins.
7.  Cool on a rack for 5 mins before serving

These muffins are light, moist and fluffy…….and are really very easy to throw together.  I am sure they would freeze well, but once my guys smell freshly baked muffins, there is little hope of any spare ones left over to freeze.

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