March 2014

Green Rice

Rice is one of the most widely eaten grains.  Not just in my bubbly little kitchen but in kitchens all around the world.  From small fires, high on Mongolian mountain tops, to white washed, Greek …

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an Indian banquet

My husband is having a birthday today, and I’ve  been thinking about creating a different kind of celebration for him.    He didn’t want a fuss “just a quiet dinner with family”  So, I thought …

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A middle-aged geek

Well Ive done it……..I have created the purple parent facebook page.  For some people this may be an everyday event, nothing to get excited about, something that’s done all the time, but for me, its …

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Everything has a beginning and an end…….that is just so true.  Nothing lasts forever, not an animal, not a plant,  not fame or fortune,  not a thought or a feeling……nothing is permanent. I’ve been toying …

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Moroccan Chicken

Lately I have been cooking more and more dishes inspired by the flavours of North African food.   The tastes seem to be so delicate, but at the same time, the meals are an absolute …

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