February 2014

Where did the time go

This evening before I began to prepare dinner, I popped my head in my boys bedrooms.  I had hardly seen them all day, and what I really wanted was to connect with them, just for …

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Toffee dimpled nectarine and pear cake

My fruit bowl is almost empty.  The only fruit in sight are 2 nectarines that I think might have just past their use by date, and a sad looking pear……So the question is what to …

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Something about family

What is it about spending time with cousins, that leaves a feeling of happiness and being.  A feeling that somehow we belong.   In this ever shrinking world, I have family who live near and …

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DIY for Valenties day

Valentine’s day first became associated with romantic love sometime during the middle ages, a time when the tradition of courtship flourished.  It has since evolved into a day where lovers express their love for each …

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communicating through facebook

Has the way we communicate really changed? This is something I have been thinking about quite a bit. You see, I found I was spending so much of my time, fingers glued to the buttons …

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Hats for teenagers at Westmead

Recently I stumbled across a blog called Retro mummy, where Corrie, the author is collecting knitted hats and caps for teenagers who are battling cancer.  I have been looking for a project and this is …

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