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green lentil, coriander and mixed salad leaves

This is a really lovely and simple salad.  It’s refreshing, with a really fresh and subtile taste.  The recipe has been adapted from George Calombaris’ salad recipe in the March 2010 Gourmet Traveller.   INGREDIENTS …

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chocolate chiffon cake

I am completely obsessed with Chiffon cakes.  In fact the last 3 cakes I have baked have all been fluffy, moist chiffon cakes.  I remember my mother making these cakes when we lived in South …

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merelyn’s mum’s custard chiffon cake

I don’t know Merelyn’s mum and I don’t really know Merelyn either.  But last weekend I decided to make Merelyn’s mum’s custard chiffon cake.  I had been told it is an amazing recipe.   Now …

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fried fishcakes

Twice a year, for as long as I can remember, on the eve of Jewish high holidays, my mother and her sister have come together to fry traditional fishcakes.  Small round amounts of minced fish, …

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moroccan chickpea soup

This soup can be made on the spur of the moment as the ingredients can be found in most home pantries.  The cumin gives it that moroccan flavour, while the lemon juice makes it tasty …

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I don’t really take any notice when food bloggers label their dishes as “the best ever” but this potato salad is so delicious that it probably is the best potato salad that I have ever …

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Zucchini cake

Don’t get fooled by the name of this cake.  It is really moist, lovely and sweet and very moorish.  I was sourcing cake recipes that I could use with the preschool children I teach, and …

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banana bread

One of the first cookbooks I ever owned is called “The New International Goodwill Recipe Book”.  It was published by the Johannesburg women Zionist League and was given to me by my lovely grandmother.  The cookbook …

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Twin club chicken

When my twins were very little, and I was just starting out on the journey of motherhood I joined the Multiple Birth Association to meet up with some other mothers of twins.  And this led …

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spiced chickpea vegetable salad

This salad has 2 of my favourite things.  Chickpeas, the protein packed legume and Yotam Ottolenghi, the Israeli born chef whose cooking style is rooted in Middle eastern cuisine.   (His dishes have been describe …

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Coleslaw with an Asian twist

My asian inspired coleslaw should not really be called coleslaw, but rather “cabbage salad”.  And I say this because, I’ve always considered coleslaw, a rather boring salad…a side dish that is made in huge quantities …

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caramalized figs

Valentines day wasn’t a big deal in our place this year…..the boys were out at Trop Fest, an outdoor short film festival and having the house to ourselves,  we decided to just relax, bbq some …

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seafood samba

I follow lots of  mummy food blogs because I find home cooks have the best recipe collections…….. family friendly and not too difficult to produce.  One such blog is Magdalena’s home cooking site.  This blog …

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cheese scones

My husband brought only one cook book into our marriage. The Edmonds Cookery Book….. and he has always said that it is the only cook book anyone will ever need.  He is a Kiwi and …

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chickpea, roasted capsicum and artichoke salad

The best thing about this salad, is that most of the ingredients can be found in your cupboard.  You can marinade your own artichoke hearts and char grill red peppers, but I think store bought …

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